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Archie Madekwe Biography, Age, Height, Parents, Girlfriend and See

Archie Madekwe Biography

A native of Croydon Archie Madekwe is an English actor. Archie gained fame when he played a role as Kofun in the Jason Momoa starred series See. He has also played another notable role as Jackson Bailey in the British sitcom “Hang Ups”, which aired on Channel 4. Read More

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Samson Kayo Biography, Age, Height, Parents, Girlfriend and Truth Seekers

Samson Kayo Biography

A native of England Samson Kayo English actor and writer. Samson is well known for his television debut as the recurring character of Horace in the series Timewasters. He is also known for the role he debuted in the film The Weekend Movie in 2016 and The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle in 2020. He has also starred alongside Adelayo Adedayo and Ellie White in the 2017 comedy series Timewasters. Read More