Lily Newmark PhotoLily Newmark Photo

Lily Newmark Biography

Lily Newmark is a famous British, American actress, television personality, model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur from London, England, UK. Lily is known for his performance both in television series and movies in the country.

She has also worked as a model before she becomes an actress. she works for many popular magazine brands, including Lily, Fabric, and Vogue. Newmark has earned a reputation for his spectacular performance as Ruthie in the online TV series “Sex Education”.

Lily Newmark Age and Birthday

Born and raised in London Lily Newmark, was born on 24th May 1994 in London, England. She is 26 years old as of 2020.

Lily Newmark  Height and Weight

The famous British, American actress, stands a height of 1.65 meters tall and weighs 54 kilograms. She has beautiful red hair and big hazel eyes.

Lily Newmark Family

She was born to a father named Brooks Phillip Victor Newmark. Her father is a member of The Rough Sleepers Advisory Committee and a former politician. Lily’s mother is named Lucy Keegan and she is a professional musician. Newmark is the only girl child in the family. She has four brothers in the family named “Benjamin Newmark”, “Zachary Newmark”, “Max Newmark”, and “Sam Newmark”. Lily has a passion for acting since childhood.

Lily Newmark Boyfriend

Lily has been secretive and she has not revealed any information about her relationship. We have no information about Lily being in a relationship.

Lily Newmark Photo
Lily Newmark Photo

Lily Newmark Movies

  • Pin Cushion (2017).
  • Welcome to Mercy (2018).
  • Juliet, Naked (2018).
  • Dagenham (2018).
  • Nosebleed (2018).
  • How to Fake a War (2019).
  • Balance, Not Symmetry (2019).
  • Misbehavior (2020).

Lily Newmark Television  Show

  • Temple (2019).
  • Sex Education (2019).
  • Cursed (2020).

Lily Newmark Net Worth

The actor has debuted in multiple television shows and films. The information about Lily’s net worth will be updated soon.

Lily Newmark Cursed

The actor plays the role of Pym in the American drama web television series premiered on Netflix in 2020.

Lily Newmark Ruthie

Ruthie is one of the recurring roles in Sex Education. It is portrayed by Lily Newmark. She is a lesbian who is having relationship problems.

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