Rick Roeber Biography

Rick Roeber well known  as Barefoot Rick, is a politician known for his barefoot running. Roeber, a Lee’s Summit, Missouri resident, was born in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Roeber has been interviewed about barefoot running in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and The Associated Press. He writes and speaks about his barefoot running and his Christian faith.

Rick Roeber Age

Rick was born on 20 December 1955 in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. He is 66 years old as of 2021.

Rick Roeber Wife

He had a wife named Rebecca Suzanne Roeber who was an American politician. She was involved in a serious automobile accident in Syracuse, Missouri. She died on July 30, 2019, while vacationing in Estes Park, Colorado. Roeber was born in Kansas City, Kansas. She received her bachelor’s degree in education, in 1996, from Avila University. She was a member of the Missouri House of Representatives, having served since 2015.

Rick Roeber Photo
Rick Roeber Photo

Rick Roeber Children

Rick has not disclosed much information about his children. He has kept the information in a low profile. The information about his children will soon be updated.

Rick Roeber Missouri House of Representative

In 2020, Roeber was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives District 34 as a member of the Republican Party. The Kansas City Star reported allegations by Roeber’s children and former spouse of sexual and physical abuse, leading several organizations to withdraw endorsements. He resigned from the statehouse on April 13, 2021.

Rick Roeber Career

Roeber started his running career in 1990 and has been running barefoot since October 2003. Previously, Roeber ran 18 marathons and thousands of miles with shoes. Roeber describes himself as a “challenged” runner when running with shoes because he would over stride thereby heel striking.

Since heel striking is a major cause of knee stress, Roeber continually injured his knees to the point where he would either need surgery to repair the damage or stop running altogether. After reading about how barefoot running forces proper technique, Roeber began his experiment with barefoot running.

He subsidized his “shod” running with barefoot running for the next six months, until April 2004 when he ran the Boston Marathon barefoot. Since April 2004, Roeber has run exclusively barefoot, logging thousands of miles annually. In addition, he has completed dozens of barefoot marathons and one barefoot ultra-marathon of 40 miles.

Rick Roeber Net Worth

Rick is a politician known for his barefoot running. His net worth is under review. The information about his net worth will soon be updated.

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