American Idol 2021 Top 12 Live Recap

Ryan Seacrest welcomed viewers to the show for the first live episode of the year and explained that Luke Bryan would be resting at home for the episode while Paula Abdul stands in for him. Abdul said that she felt like she was visiting her little brother on a set somewhere without her other brother, Randy Jackson, or her grandfather, Simon Cowell.

Ryan Seacrest said that Wyatt Pike had to drop out of the competition and announced that Casey Bishop would be going through to the next round.

Casey Bishop took the stage to perform “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals.

Colin Jamieson was announced to NOT be in America’s top 10, but he performed “Waves” by Dean Lewis in hopes of impressing the judges enough to earn their Wildcard spot. The judges adored his performance and praised him for growing so much in the past few weeks.

Next up, Deshawn Goncalves was announced to be safe from elimination, and he performed an up-tempo Stevie Wonder hit. Cassandra Coleman followed, also making it into the top 12, performing “‘Light On” by Maggie Rogers.


Caleb Kennedy was up next, and he said he was going to be performing an original song called “Nowhere.” Seacrest announced that he was safe, and he had a chance to perform his original song in victory – without a hat on, which is unusual for the young singer. Lionel Richie told him that he could finally see the artist in him, and he was impressed. Paula Abdul told him that she loved his mullet and that he was extremely talented.

Randy Jackson made a surprise appearance via Facetime and caught up with Paula Abdul.

Madison Watkins took the stage, and she did not make it into the top 10 as voted in by America. She performed “Hotline Bling” by Drake. The judges adored her performance and thanked her for her being like a “mama bear” to the other contestants behind the scenes.

The 15-year-old fan-favorite contestant Ava August took the stage next and learned that she was safe. She chose to perform “Love of My Life” by Queen for her next song.

‘American Idol’ Top 12 & Who Was Eliminated

Here’s who made it through:

Here’s who did not earn enough votes and had to compete for the Wildcard spots:

This will be updated as the episode airs.

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